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Your Only Limit is

YOU! #True2YOU


Providing the Support and

Guidance You Need

True2YOU was founded by Terrance Floyd with a vision of promoting mental health awareness in and around Milwaukee Wisconsin and surrounding areas. There isn't enough talk about the mental health and the effects that it can take on a person. The more people are aware the better off we can be in our communities and also worldwide. The drive to increase the power of Personal Development in peoples lives can be the key to unlocking their true potential to seek and find the happiness that they desire. HAPPINESS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!!!

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Our Goal

Our goal is to help others build and capitalize on their own character and self-worth. We work to improve the health and wellness of ones mindstate and help them to grasp an understanding of how to use their life obstacles to their advantage to help achieve life challenges. Your only limit is you and that is not as easy for some to see as it is for others. Let us give you hand and be that support system you need to get yourself on track.

Meet Terrance

Terrance F. Sr is a 29yr old college student on the rise in the coaching community. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, his motive is to show others how to embrace and live life to their full potential.


         In 2019, Terrance began working with various clients, helping them obtain their weight loss goals and overcome life challenges. He has more than 3 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and 8 years in the field of mental healthcare. With the desire to help others, this was the birth of True2YOU. Terrance is a community advocate involved in school supply giveaways as well as a number of community workshops. He also works as a youth advocate inside a variety of behavior reassignment schools  offering service on restorative practices and promoting the pros and cons of mental health. With the desire to do more this is what started the life path to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT life coaching.  With the difficult times and changes that people suffer daily, Terrance has designed a variety of programs designed to promote positivity, happiness, mental health awareness, along with self-development. 

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